ESC in Milan (Italië)


ESC in Milan (Italië)

Our project for this year revolves around three main areas of interest, and they are evolved as the following: 

– Promotion and Digitization: The aim is to take advantage of the challenges of the last two years to permanently introduce digital management into our activities, proposing an intensive use, but strongly mediated with in-person activities whenever possible. In this perspective we place our active participation in a project of our National Headquarters; “RISE”; which submits the message of active citizenship, raising awareness for healthy lifestyles and solidarity vision to high school students. In addition; using virtual realities with audiovisual aids on an experimental basis. In this project; the European volunteers will be actively involved in the design, implementation and dissemination activities, in particular in the active phases of intervention in schools, alongside the team of Avis facilitators engaged in experimentation in 60 high schools in the whole country. Regarding the “RISE” project; the participation of the European volunteers will form an opportunity for encounters and knowledge exchange between the reality of young students and volunteers, with their own personal socio-cultural background of which each one is to bring, with a vision of sharing both knowledge and mutual growth.

– Awareness of Gender Equality Issues: This cause is the basis of an important female engagement project “TOLD: Talenti Oggi, Leader Domani”, that in 2021 held over 1300 participant, in particular young female volunteers, which helped in bringing up new methodologies to confront the lack of women engagement in leading and management roles in our local associations on the regional territory. We are planning the establishment of a new awareness-raising path to the issues of gender equality within schools, placing the association in a new guise of action on issues that involve society as a whole, with a vision of contribution to the necessary awareness of young people of the issues of gender gap, inclusion, the appreciation of qualifications.

The target in this case will still be the schools, specifically professional course schools’ students in the region of

Lombardy, to whom we intend to propose an interactive path of reflection and analysis, via activating a network of young volunteers who will propose to their peers active critics, through the use of video tools, working groups on keywords, involvement in practical actions of designing and creating multimedia products (podcasts, videos, stories, etc)

– Promotion, Inclusion and Participation: The sort of inclusion we seek is bounded to all the categories with all the cultural, educational, linguistic, sexual and religious differences of young people, contributing in active citizenship, the creative participation in social activities. Organizing open non-formal education opportunities; such as training workshops, lectures, seminars and open online webinars for young people regardless of the barriers linked to education and training systems, in order to enhance the active participation of these young groups in social responsibility as members of the society.

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