ESC in Rustavi II (Georgië)


ESC in Rustavi II (Georgië)

Association “International Scout Center Rustavi” (ISCR) is an independent non-political, non- governmental, non-profit public movement of young people. ISCR represents a voluntary educational movement for children and young people open to everyone, without any distinction of origin, race, sex, and religion.  Except for the educational aspects, ISCR is running Scout house – Youth hostel. The Scout house hosts international groups of people that attend a specific event or seminar, as well as independent groups that want to benefit from the location and the non-formal education programs offered by the center team.

With this project the organization aims to promote an artistic inter-cultural exchange through voluntary work between EU participants and Georgian Youth. At the same time, International Scout Centre Rustavi and their community will benefit from the support provided by the volunteers.

The project’s mission is to promote non-formal education activities, create opportunities for young people and children from Rustavi city and support the local youth in relation with social enterprise – Scout center for creating cozy and friendly space, where the youth can get non-formal and informal education. The project will extend the opportunities of local youth and children to be more aware of the hidden artists that are inside of them -in physical and intellectual fields- and actively participate in the development of local projects from and for the youth, as well as their implementation for a long term impact.

The volunteers will be able to develop several skills during this ESC experience. The project will create a positive environment for the Georgian youth and children through creative activities in ISCR clubs and through the sharing of experiences in a EU non-formal education setting. It will also offer them some quality leisure time and a positive alternative for habits such as alcoholism, drugs, etc.

ESC opportunities:
This organization could host volunteers for projects of 6 to 12 months. 

Alles over dit project

Possible tasks

  • On monday a meeting with the ESC coordinator 
  • Georgian Language classes (3 times per week during 2 month, 2 times per week next 5 months)
  • Office work : update the Facebook page, blog, webpage of  ISCR, support local staff member (PR manager) to create promotional materials; filming, editing, publishing the ISCR regular activities
  • Support ISCR program department to implement “After school hobby educational program”
  • Support ISCR program department in implementing autumn/spring hikes, summer camps for the “After School Hobby Education program” youngsters
  • Networking and partnership: to spread the information around the Scout world: Scout Associations, Scout centers about ISCR and ISCR Activities. (For example: Preparing ISCR monthly newsletter and spread among “Goose Network” members, other Scout networks and Associations
  • Spreading information about Erasmus+ possibilities around Rustavi and Kvemo Kartli youngsters: a) indoor informational campaigns hosted by ISCR. Volunteers will have a chance to speak with Rustavi youngsters about ESC program, making presentations, sharing their experience, promote volunteering, promote multiculturalism; b) outdoor informational campaigns: visiting different regional cities in Kvemo Kartli Region: Marneuli, Tetritskaro, Tsalka, Bolnisi, Dmanisi in each regional cities ISCR cooperates with local youth centers/informal groups (since 2018, we implement KA2 –Capacity building project, in frame of KA2 project we trained local youth) c) Street actions- to organize outdoor ESC campaigns in different parts of Rustavi city
  • Leading language conversation clubs in the “After school hobby educational program”: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish languages. You will give a chance to local Georgian youth to develop language skills, break the barriers and become more intercultural
  • Leading workshops: handicraft, pottery, sport and outdoor. ISCR has all the materials, equipments to support volunteer’s initiatives which will be useful for the local youngsters.

Volunteer Profile

Profile of volunteers: priority will be given to candidates with a scout background. 


Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will receive 90 euros as food allowance each month, directly from the hosting organization. 

Long Term Volunteers Accommodation: all the costs related to the accommodation will be supported by the hosting organization. Volunteers will share the flat with other volunteers situated in a housing estate – about 5-10 minutes walking distance from the town center. The flat is newly reconstructed and has a good condition for living. There will be 3 volunteers, all of them will have their own room. The bathroom, kitchen and living room will be shared. The volunteers will be given money to buy their own food. There is a kitchen in the volunteer flat where they can prepare meals. Shops and restaurants are close-by (a 2-5-minute walk).

Local Transport

The hosting organization will provide additional allowance to cover all the job related local transport expenses (if there will be need for it). As well there will be an option to have a bicycle for daily use.

Language support

Upon arrival, the volunteer will receive an intensive Georgian language course (totally 162 hour), organized by the hosting organization. The first 2 month, there will be 3 meetings with the teacher, the rest of the meeting will be organized twice per week. Each lesson length will be 1.5-2 hour.

Working hours

The volunteesr will work 35-40 hours a week, from 11:00 till 17:00. The weekend is free, the volunteers will additionally get 2 days off per month (according to ESC rules). The volunteers will have extra day offs based on Georgian national/religious holidays.

Waarom kiezen voor Eastpackers?

  • Eastpackers begeleidt Nederlandse jongeren kosteloos bij het vinden van een EU gefinancierd vrijwilligerswerkproject.

  • Ervaren mentoren die altijd voor je klaar staan.

  • Wij zijn flexibel: geen vaste deadlines, geen onzekerheid

  • Laag inschrijfgeld dat je terugkrijgt na je EVS project


Waar kom ik precies terecht?

GYE is based in Rustavi – the third biggest city in Georgia (approximately 116 000 residents)- located just 25 km from the capital city Tbilisi, 25 km from the Azerbaijan border, 72 km from Armenia. Rustavi was a major industrial centre during the Soviet period – the development of Rustavi was part of Stalin’s accelerated industrialization process and Rustavi is nowadays still rich with huge Soviet time heritage. But unfortunately youth life – and generally youth inclusion and development – has lack of opportunities. There are just 2-3 youth organisations in Rustavi which are focused on youth. Also economical and social situation in the city is not good and there is a big lack of non-formal education and educative programs of international standards. As a neighbor city of the capital, Rustavi has a big problem of migration, the city is getting empty as there is a lack of working spaces, youth is either going to work in Tbilisi, or trying to leave country and search new opportunities. Due to our past experience in EVS, volunteering is promoting inter-cultural learning values of EU citizenship and friendship between Georgian and European youngsters. There is a promotion campaign of ERASMUS+ and all of this positively effects on youth initiatives, makes them open minded and encourages them to be in different countries with different fields. Besides that, long term volunteering has approved itself as an immeasurable experience for youngsters, especially for the ones with fewer opportunities.

We believe that this is a unique life experience that will broaden horizons, provide personal, professional development and cultural understanding. Therefore, we would like to encourage the youth to participate in such a valuable experience. 

Ik ben al 30. Kan ik me nog opgeven?

Ja. Je kunt je inschrijven voor ESC zolang je nog 30 bent op de dag dat je ESC project begint.

Wat zijn de addertjes onder het gras?

Dit project (onderdeel van de European Solidarity Corps, ESC) wordt geheel gefinancierd vanuit het Erasmus+ programma van de Europese Unie. Dit programma is bedoeld om uitwisseling tussen Europese jongeren en hun culturen te stimuleren. Eastpackers is één van de Nederlandse organisaties die bemiddelt tussen Nederlandse jongeren en buitenlandse organisaties die vrijwilligers ontvangen. Onze werkzaamheden worden ook door de EU gefinancierd. Deelnemers betalen hier niets voor.
Er zijn wel een aantal voorwaarden verbonden aan deelname aan dit project. Je moet tussen de 18 en 30 jaar oud zijn, minimaal 6 en liefst 9 maanden beschikbaar zijn (voor andere projecten is dit soms anders) en gemotiveerd zijn om full-time vrijwilligerswerk te doen. 

Hoe kan ik beoordelen of dit project iets voor me is?

Het is kenmerkend voor ESC projecten dat het werk en de werkomgeving soms anders uitvallen dan van te voren gedacht. Een flexibele instelling is noodzakelijk om van ESC de leerervaring te maken die het kan zijn. Wanneer je het moeilijk hebt, heimwee ervaart of onvoldoende uitdaging hebt, helpen wij je om de situatie te verbeteren. Je bent en blijft te allen tijden vrijwilliger. Wij kunnen je dus niet dwingen om tegen je zin te blijven. Bedenk wel dat je slechts één keer in je leven ESC kunt doen. Als je jouw project voortijdig beëindigt, kun je geen ander project gaan doen.

Wat krijg ik allemaal vergoed?

Alle reis,- en verblijfkosten (plus je eventuele visa) zijn inbegrepen. Daarnaast krijg je eten en drinken of een vergoeding om dit zelf te kopen. Daarnaast krijg je nog zakgeld die door Eastpackers maandelijks wordt overgemaakt. Verder krijg je een aanvullende zorgverzekering een online taal cursus voor EU landen en taallessen voor landen buiten de EU. Bovendien krijg je een trainingen aangeboden waar je leert het meeste uit je ESC te halen. Deze zijn in Nederland en in het land waar jouw gastorganisatie gevestigd is.

Hoe is de huisvesting geregeld?

Elke gastorganisatie regelt huisvesting op een andere manier. De meest gangbare vorm van huisvesting is dat meerdere ESC-vrijwilligers samen in een appartement worden gehuisvest. Vrijwilligers delen de keuken en badkamer en hebben elk een eigen slaapkamer. Er zijn echter ook landen en projecten waarbij twee vrijwilligers een kamer delen. Als je dit niet wilt, is het belangrijk om van te voren met de gastorganisatie goed door te spreken hoe de huisvesting is geregeld.

Ik ben vegetariër. Wordt er rekening gehouden met mijn eetwensen?

In bijna alle ESC projecten kun je zelf maaltijden kopen en bereiden. Hiervoor krijg je een maandelijkse toelage.