ESC in Berlijn (Duitsland)


ESC in Berlijn (Duitsland)

Eastpackers is looking for volunteers who would like to work in the social field in the capitol of creative people Berlin, Germany.

Ijgd is one of the biggest and oldest organisations for volunteering in Germany. It has over 4.000 volunteers each year. Ijgd Berlin is the coordinating organisation of the project called “European Solidarity. ESC with ijgd in social projects in Berlin”. We cooperate with about 15 ESC hosting projects in Berlin in the social field including mainly kindergartens and schools. As you can imagine it will a bit hard to describe 15 organizations so we just do two to give you an impression.  If you are interested in social works and want to experience life in Berlin then you are at the right place at iigd. You are more then welcome to have a zoom/Skype chat with iigd to see which project best suits for you.

  • The organisation Nestwärme (formally known as „Nestwäre, Verein zur Betreuung und Beratung von AIDS-betroffenen Familien, Kindern und Jugendlichen e.V“) was founded in 1997. The fundamental aim of its foundation was to integrate families and children affected by AIDS into wider society.
    Since 1997, the organization has been able to both extend its reach within the community and to develop its available services. Thanks to valuable experience gained from working with people affected by AIDs, sensitivity towards disadvantaged social groups has been improved. For this reason, the organization also turns its attention towards other disadvantaged families, children and young people too. We are looking for Dutch volunteers who like to volunteer in a kindergarten in Kreuzberg and support our team, work, live, play, have fun, care for children from 1-6 years! Learn German, learn about German culture in diversity in an inclusion-kindergarten.
  • The SOS-Kinderdorf in Berlin-Moabit as a day care for children (6-12 years) offers a package of services designed and oriented to accommodate the special needs of the neighborhood. These services are based partly from the established long-term experience and qualification of the SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. which offers new, innovative opportunities for clients to meet their need for childcare and help in other related fields. Our target groups are the multicultural inhabitants of the given social space, especially families with children.

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Waarom kiezen voor Eastpackers?

  • Eastpackers begeleidt Nederlandse jongeren kosteloos bij het vinden van een EU gefinancierd vrijwilligerswerkproject.

  • Ervaren mentoren die altijd voor je klaar staan.

  • Wij zijn flexibel: geen vaste deadlines, geen onzekerheid

  • Laag inschrijfgeld dat je terugkrijgt na je EVS project