ESC in Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)


ESC in Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)

This is an open call for people from the Netherlands to come to beautiful region of Transylvania, Romania to volunteer in the Hungarian city of Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda).

The main activity will be to facilitate different summer camps for disadvantaged children in the surrounding villages of Miercurea Ciuc, with the focus on non-formal and informal learning activities for children outside of school. Each week we plan to have different camps at different locations with different disadvantaged children. The camps will provide more social interaction for disadvantaged children outside of school in the rural areas and develop foreign language competences for the children from an early age. The camps are facilitated in a structured, hospitable and fun environment where children can play games, learn English, and socially interact.

Due to the fact that all the activities would be facilitated by foreign volunteers who interact in English, children will truly realize the importance of speaking this language and will be more motivated to develop their English language skills; therefore, they will have more job opportunities in the future. By meeting people of various backgrounds, kids will become more open towards new cultures. With the help of the activities carried out in summer camps and after school clubs, English will become a fun activity for children, helping them to learn the language in an interesting and playful way. As children are having more interactions between each other and being more involved into community related questions by improving their social competences, these will lead them to become active citizens.

Care2Travel will be more successful in organizing summer camps, thanks to the committed volunteers, who would plan and facilitate these activities on the highest level; moreover, they would put together a collection of games and non-formal activities, which can be used by organisations, teachers, volunteers alike. The 4 volunteers involved will mutually support each other in order to plan and implement the activities. This will require a lot of teamwork and cooperation. During the school term, the volunteers visit chool clubs and support the kids with their homework and play with them. These ‘after school clubs’ offer shelter for school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds from the villages surrounding Miercurea Ciuc and are run by the Saint Francis Foundation.

Current vacancies: Activities for children in Foster Care Homes (12 months).
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