ESC in Cluj-Napoca


ESC in Cluj-Napoca

This is an open call for volunteer from The Netherlands to come to Romania in the beautiful and historical place of Cluj-Napoca!

Since its founding in 2004, Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center (CVCN) followed its mission that is to develop volunteering as a means of involving citizens in solving out the problems of the Cluj-Napoca community. Also, it has focused on hosting international volunteers and sending Romanian volunteers to do volunteering stages in organizations throughout Europe.

Having this experience we initiated in 2018 the project `EVS Seeds` in order to support and encourage other public institutions and NGO`s in Cluj-Napoca to develop through working with international volunteers.

In the first year of this project we already hosted 8 volunteers and the team then grew with time.
The volunteers have activities in different organizations, providing them with the experience of working together with international volunteers and inspiring them to implement their own international volunteering projects. On the other hand, for the volunteers, we prepared an enriching context, by selecting various organizations in Cluj-Napoca`s community, where they can develop both personally and professionally on very varied levels.

In this dynamic and multicultural context, your role is to consolidate this network and to spread the seeds of volunteering in Social Media and at public events.

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Waarom kiezen voor Eastpackers?

  • Eastpackers begeleidt Nederlandse jongeren kosteloos bij het vinden van een EU gefinancierd vrijwilligerswerkproject.

  • Ervaren mentoren die altijd voor je klaar staan.

  • Wij zijn flexibel: geen vaste deadlines, geen onzekerheid

  • Laag inschrijfgeld dat je terugkrijgt na je EVS project