12 maanden in Slowakije

Mijn verhaal:

I was working with Photo/video documentation & project management: Young Office Žilina (SPOTing – Trans Europe Halles).

I got involved with other organisations in Slovakia and Europe and learned a bit more about the ins and outs of EU funded projects.

My best memory is the KINESIS Festival, produced/organised by the Young Office Žilina. It was great to see everyone working so independently.

Set your goals and go for it

Hoe was je woonsituatie?

Pretty good. All volunteers had their own rooms in a shared house about 5 minutes walk from our workplace.

Hoe was het contact met de andere vrijwilligers?

Good. As we shared the house we had plenty of time to get to know each other.

Hoe kijk je terug op de trainingen waar je aan deelnam?

It gave me a good insight into the Erasmus+ program.

Waar moest je het meest aan wennen in het land waar je vrijwilligerswerk deed?

The food. Everything is very meaty and cheesy over there.

Hoe was je contact met Eastpackers?

Fine. We had a couple of calls throughout the year

Welk advies zou je toekomstige ESC'ers willen meegeven?

Set your goals and go for it.