ESC in Jerevan I (Armenië)


ESC in Jerevan I (Armenië)

Would you like to go to the edge of Europe, just under the beautiful caucuses mountains, for an unforgettable volunteering experience? Then you might be interested in getting more information about doing an ESC with APY, our partner from Armenia .

The Volunteering Program at the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO is meant to engage youngsters in the management of the organization and in the community life of Yerevan. The Volunteers donate their professional skills and services as well as benefit from the resources of the organization for their professional and personal growth. The Volunteers might be engaged in the activities of the PR and Communications Department due to their skills and experiences. Below you may find a short description on the activities of the PR and Communications Department as well as its working groups. PR and Communications Department: PR is vital for the success of not-profit organizations. APY is not an exception. Doing good job is not enough if you are unable to present it properly. Likewise, this is what the PR and Communications Department is responsible for. The Volunteers in this department work for APY visibility, managing the social media channels of the organization, organizing public presentations, meetings with students, promotional campaigns and events. This group deals with APY visual identity, improves APY’s presence on the net and supports the organization with designing its materials, publications and logos. The Department presents APY to the outer world and makes sure that APY’s followers, target groups, beneficiaries and supporters are up to date about its activities.

The PR and Communications Department includes six working groups entitled as following:

  • Content Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Information Technologies
  • Photography
  • Videography

The volunteers are free to choose one (or even more) of the above-mentioned working groups due to their interests, experiences, qualifications and skills. No volunteer needs to be master in any of the above-presented domains. The only and most important requirement is to be motivated and inspired to help, devote and support, by also aiming at growing as a person and as a professional.

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