ESC in Solund (Noorwegen)


ESC in Solund (Noorwegen)

The profound and serene Isles of the Norwegian coastline are waiting for you in Solund!

Through our partner, the Solund Volunteer Center, you will have the opportunity to explore the power of a dynamic, close-knit local community and a sincere connection to the nature for which the North is known.

During the project the volunteer will participate in a wide variety of tasks. For example working with toddlers in kindergarten, working with children and youth at the school and in different sport and cultural events. The volunteer will also get the experience of working in a small second hand shop, which is also a place where the locals will meet each other and enjoy a cup of coffee. Another part of the project is to learn more about Norwegain coastal culture. You will get an insight into old Norwegian coastal culture where culture related to the fishing- farmer is central. Through Roar, who runs the coastal culture center on Litle Færøy (a small island nearby), and his network the participants get a unique opportunity to acquire parts of this knowledge. Through practical work and theoretical knowledge, the days on Litle Færøy become meaningful and demanding.

The volunteer will also participate in a Norwegian course, whereby you can practice your Norwegian with the teacher and other students. Besides the course you will also learn Norwegian through the children in kindergarden and when you meet the locals in the second hand shop.

In the municipalities, there are two large events during the year whereby the volunteer will participate:

  • In November we have a light festival -Participants can contribute with creative elements, and assist in the design of the annual light festival. Based on personal capacity and knowledge, the volunteer is involved in the annual light festival. Assistance in the various art subjects is based on the volunteer’s abilities. (For more information:
  • In August the community has Solunddagene where the participants get the opportunity to learn to arrange a festival from planning to exercise in accordance with logistics, design of activities, marketing and audience development.


Alles over dit project

Waarom kiezen voor Eastpackers?

  • Eastpackers begeleidt Nederlandse jongeren kosteloos bij het vinden van een EU gefinancierd vrijwilligerswerkproject.

  • Ervaren mentoren die altijd voor je klaar staan.

  • Wij zijn flexibel: geen vaste deadlines, geen onzekerheid

  • Laag inschrijfgeld dat je terugkrijgt na je EVS project