ESC in Floresti (Roemenië)


ESC in Floresti (Roemenië)

Do you want to be a helping hand to a poverty-stricken Roma community, are you interested in living close to the student-town Cluj-Napoca and are you in for a great time while diving into Romanian culture? This project may be for you! 

At the Charis Foundation, we try to help a needful Roma community from a Christian (protestant) point of view. The organization is directed by a Dutch couple, so our team is Dutch/Romanian. The community that we are trying to help are living in circumstances influenced by poverty, abuse and a lack of prospect in their lives. We try to help this community in different ways, such as: 

  • Education; most kids in our neighborhood receive education at public schools, but they receive very little to no support from their parents, as there is a high level of illiteracy in our neighborhood. Therefore, we try to support kids with extra education.
  • Programs; on Wednesdays we host a women’s program, where we sing together with the women and encourage each other in their hard lifes. Each Friday, we host a children’s program where we play games and dance/sing together. Every other week we have teenage programs where we try to give the teenagers guidance in this stage of their lives.
  • Church; on Sundays we have church together, where we can encourage the people from the neighborhood and have fellowship time together. The people from our neighborhood are very fond of our church, for them it is their safe space.

We carry out these projects with an amazing team of Dutchies and Romanians. The atmosphere in our team is welcoming, we try to establish a close bond with the people we work with. The wellbeing of volunteers is of great importance to us, we want to make sure that you have a great time!

This project is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with different cultures, have a great time in the beautiful Romania and expand your worldview, while being able to help a community that is among the poorest in Europe. 

Right now (Januari 2024), we are urgently looking for volunteers that are able to do practical work at our foundation, as well as volunteers that are able to manage our social media and design.  We can host 2 till 3 other volunteers at the time, but you will be able to meet a lot of other people as well throughout your time here. 

If you are interested, or want more information, please contact us,


Our foundation and accommodation are located in Floresti, a city with approximately 70000 citizens. Floresti has all the facilities you need, including a big shopping mall and a variety of options to visit the forest or hills. 

After a 30 minute bus ride, you are in the center of Cluj-Napoca, a student city the size of Utrecht with a beautiful old town and plenty of places and activities for sport, shops or entertainment. Cluj-Napoca has an incredible history, every street corner tells you a story. Because Cluj-Napoca is a student city, there are a lot of young people, social events and meeting places. No time to be bored!

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