11 maanden in Oostenrijk

Mijn verhaal:

I did volunteering at a Montessori school in Saalfelden,  Austria. Most of the time I was supporting the teacher of Primary 1, I helped the children in  whatever they needed, I was also supporting the children in “Werkstätten” in clay, wood,  sewing, art, crafts, candle making, etc. At the beginning I accompanied the children to their  gymnastics classes, but because of covid we could no longer attend, I also participated with  them in the excursions, walking, or biking, or by bus, always being aware that they do not get  hurt or helping them in what they need. I gave classes about geology, about Colombia, about  art, and about Spanish. I tried to participate in the school newspaper with some specific and  interesting topics, mostly teaching Spanish. I also helped in administrative processes, such as  printing school material, cutting, laminating and packaging.

Something I have learned from life is  that it puts everything in your way, first I went from Colombia to the Netherlands as an au pair,  which was also a very nice and enriching process, in which I learned and met many things, then  fate brought me to Austria and since I arrived something in my heart told me that I was going  to stay here to live the rest of my life and so things have happened. I fell in love with this  country, and currently I’m living in Salzburg! The volunteering and the new experience to come  has taught me a lot, especially independence, willingness to work hard and get ahead, improving  the language, giving all of myself in the things I do. I have grown personally, professionally,  and spiritually. Austria is like the country of my destiny, which has been waiting for me for a long  time. Besides that I found by fate the love of my life and we got married!  

I have learned a lot about Montessori education, my German has improved a lot, I can now  understand the people and communicate with them, which was a bit difficult for me at the  beginning.

The farewell they gave me at  school, and the end of the school festival, made me feel that I was, am and will be forever welcome;  In this last one I did the exhibition of my art gallery, since I love painting, I sold a lot! I was so  happy!

Enjoy your volunteering, go out, meet new people, make friends, travel, interact, but above all try to give the best of yourself and work hard