Thanks for cooperating with us in a European Voluntary Service Project. On this page, you will find documents that you will need in various stages of the project. You can download documents from this page, complete them where necessary, and upload them on this page again. If you want to upload multiple documents at once, please use the respective pages in the upload form to submit them all together.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of any form.

For further information about our organization, or to include us in your project, please consult our partner identification form below:

Download Partner Profile

In each project in which we are involved as sending/coordinating organization, we adhere to our EVS Quality Charter which can be downloaded below:

Download our Quality Charter

List of documents for EVS hosting partners

EVS Grant Agreement 

If we coordinate the project in which we cooperate, we will transfer you money to execute the project. You can calculcate the grant for organizational support that you will receive from us and request an additional grant for language support, if desired. Complete and upload the document on this page.

Download the grant agreement format

EVS Project Plan & Practical Arrangements / Activity Agreement

Please provide information regarding the practical arrangements for the EVS project in which we cooperate. Please involve the volunteer in drafting this document.

Download Activity Agreement Format

EVS Project Settlement form – 1 week before end of the project

When the volunteer is about to leave your organization, please complete all yellow sections in this document, sign the document and upload it on this page.

Download Declaration of Honour Format

Evaluation Form – 30 days after the project

Download Evaluation Form

Uploading documents