Thanks for cooperating with us in a European Solidarity Corps Project. On this page, you will find documents that you will need in various stages of the project. You can download documents from this page, complete them where necessary, and upload them on this page again. If you want to upload multiple documents at once, please use the respective pages in the upload form to submit them all together.


Step 7: Evaluation

In order to successfully conclude the ESC project in which you were our partner, we kindly ask you to provide us with information about the project implementation. Your input will help us to compile the final report for the Dutch National Agency. Upon acceptance of the final report by the National Agency, your organization will receive the final installment of the organization support fee which we agreed with you prior to the project.
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Step 8: Partnership

Are you happy with Eastpackers as supporting/coordinating organization? And are you looking for more motivated Dutch volunteers in the future? Please consider a partnership with us by creating a vacancy on our website and the ESC portal. You can do so by filling in the form below. And send it to ESC@eastpackers.nl. We will be happy to find suitable volunteer(s) for you.

Do you want to upload any of the documents listed above? Do you want to declare expenses? Please use the Upload Form below. (click here)
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