9 maanden in Oekraïne

Mijn verhaal:

I worked primarily in project coordination, content creation for media and teaching. I manage a photography club, for a magazine, and blog, give intercultural language lessons and with administration and promotion. My final project was a 6 month research project called Uncovering Vinnytsia’s architectural heritage. Together with Vinnytsia History centre, Local Government and local Universities I lead a team that conducted, processed and translated interviews with local experts with the aim of publishing research through our partnering organizations.

I learnt many hard skills like photography, editing, book design and social media management. I also practised many soft skills mainly in people management, communication and working in online teams. I also learnt to teach and plan lessons while also getting university skills in researching the city’s history.

It was a good and interesting learning process and I am happy I participated. Though there were some things that I will differently look back at with frustration there were many joyous moments as well.

You can read more about it on my blog: My Journey as a ESC Volunteer in Vinnytsia (

It was a good and interesting learning process and I am happy I participated